Overseeing the website, I led several redesign and improvements to the site. The current site was developed in Wordpress, and organized to reach specific audiences– prospect clients and employees. The new brand identity was integrated along with voice. I designed the UX and visual design as well as collaborating on much of the copy and content strategy.
We wanted a library of images to capture the culture of the firm to be used in various communications including the website, proposals and presentations. Working with photographer Rusty Wright, I art directed a shoot to capture our collaboration, personality and the nuance of our office space in Kansas City.
As part of our brand identity system, I oversaw the design and development of templates for presentations, proposals, contracts, invoices and other business communications.
We designed and developed an online Brand Guidelines to ensure our consistent use of the new brand. We also did this as a skunkworks project as a new offering to clients. Online brand guidelines offer a more accessible and easy-to-update platform. This site also served to keep policy information and additional resources.

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