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Brand Designer & Strategist / Design Operations 
For nearly two decades, I've helped some of the world's top brands invent and reinvent endearing brand experiences across print, digital and built environments. I've worked with entrepreneurs and C-level execs to produce creative solutions that are effective and improve the bottom line. Whether consulting on a brand strategy, helping to create a multi-channel advertising campaign or redesigning the user experience for a website or retail environment– I solves problems strategically and effectively.
I founded Zhuzh, my own brand/design consultancy to lend my experience to help small and growing businesses improve their brand experience.
As a former principal and creative director of Willoughby Design, Zack I have designed, directed, strategized and delivered award-winning and impactful solutions to clients around the world including AMC Theatres, Cerner Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kauffman Foundation, Hostess Brands, New Leaf Paper, The Omidyar Group, Panera Bread, SPIN Pizza and Taylor Farms. I can command a workshop, lead a brainstorm, talk tech and operate a mouse, an x-acto blade and even a pencil! 
Early in my career as an art director at Willoughby Design, I would find opportunities to improve how we operated as a team. As I developed my leadership skills by taking initiative and garnering critical business value I became a principal and co-owner of the firm. When not leading creative work, I was finding ways to keep our team motivated, mobilized and staying at the forefront of innovation. 
Over my tenure I promoted top-of-the-line performance and productivity through hands-on management of recruitment, orientation, and training for teams. I was responsible for our technology strategy and creating plans to migrate into the cloud. I introduced several tools like Google Suite, Salesforce CRM, Slack, Dropbox, Airtable and more to improve our workflow and collaboration internally and externally. I expanded our firm capabilities with Digital and UX/UI design and development services. 
In 2013 I moved from Kansas City to open our first satellite office in San Francisco. This expanded our reach servicing existing clients and attracting new clients including, To-Go Ware, The Omidyar Group, Taylor Farms and Williams Sonoma. 
I blend a strategic business sense with my training as a designer to develop, test and refine programs and policies. I enjoy building thriving creative ecosystems that are empowering, collaborative and respectful of everyone's strengths and contributions.
— Creative Direction
— Design Operations & Strategy
— Business & Vision Planning
— Team Resourcing, Recruiting and Mentoring
— New Business Development
— Speaking & Presenting

I have a diverse skillset that isn't confined to just one path. I bring a strategic communications foundation layered with graphic design and copywriting. I enjoy seeing the forest for the trees, climbing each tree and clearing brush in between when needed. I approach each project with an empathetic approach to solve problems– whether with design thinking, agile/scrum or lean approaches. I have a broad experience working on websites, UX/UI, package design, branded environments, brand identity systems and campaigns. I've also been able to work across many industries including retail, restaurant, fashion, consumer goods, real estate, healthcare and technology.
— Brand Strategy (workshop facilitation, brand strategy platforms, research)
— Brand Identity Design (logos, systems, brand guidelines)

— User Experience (content strategy, research, customer journey, prototyping, testing)
— Package Design
— Campaign Concepting (art/direction and copywriting)

— Content Development (strategy and writing)

I’ve built my career by taking initiative to create new opportunities when they didn’t exist or take on responsibility, stay agile and always learn. I founded Zhuzh, my own brand/design consultancy to lend my experience to help small and growing brands. I've utilized a lean approach to help launch brands, initiatives, applications and services. I look for ways to evolve business and study trends to be competitive and pragmatic.

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Photo by Heirloom Photography courtesy of Willoughby Design.
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