We guided the Mar/Com team through a naming and design thinking process. From here we developed a sub-brand that complimented the parent brand system. The new name ARC is an acronym for Advisors / Resources / Communications. We also designed and developed a secure internal microsite to house their resources. This includes a web-based brand guidelines to ensure consistent use of the Omidyar Group branding across their organization and partners.
The ARC name represents a section of the Omidyar Group and it’s symbolic mobius strip logo. As an acronym it stands for Advisors, Resources and Communications. The ARC mark is an outline version of the TOG’s mobius strip. It has a sketch quality that alludes to the circling around an idea, orbiting around the organization, or a scribble of an idea. The lowercase treatment underlines the marketing/communications team as a support resource. The identity system uses an ombre gradient as a nod to a Hawaiian sunrise or sunset.
Microsite UX and Visual Design
Working with UX Designer, Stephanie Lee, we developed the information architecture including wireframes, user flows and site map to plan the site. We developed a prototype using Justinmind to demonstrate UI and working through key journeys.
Working with developers we ensured our visual design could be implemented and produced. The end product was a successful Wordpress format that the organization is able to maintain internally.
The approved wireframes were then translated into a UX/UI interface designed in Sketch. The interactions and user flow was outlined and prototyped.
The final microsite was developed with Wordpress with secure access. The ARC team continues to update and maintain the site. It has also become a model for other internal teams needing to share resource information across the organization.

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